Disney will release a remote-controlled Millennium Falcon drone on Friday. This is the drone you’ve been looking for. Full story: http://on.mash.to/1JEHpQx In …



  1. Wait a minute- what is that music on this vid?  If it's not John Williams, it's extremely close in style and orchestration.  I know every score he's done, is this from TFA???   This ain't synth-cover, this is a large orchestral piece.

  2. I'm beginning to think the Star Wars merchandise machine is more powerful than the Empire, the rebel alliance.. Hell, maybe even more powerful than the force itself!!! Certainly more powerful than the metichlorian force! Haha!

  3. Anyone knows what the music is? (the march after the Duel of the Fates opening notes). It sounds very much like John Williams but it definitely isn't from any of the Star Wars films including Force Awakens nor any of his major film scores… It's extremely similar to Superman in style so I'm wondering if it might be an unreleased alternate track from one of his score from the 70s.


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