In his opening monologue on This Week, presenter Andrew Neil delivered a message to those who attacked Paris, and those who support them. Subscribe to …



  1. What Andrew said was very eloquent and very true. However, like everyone else, he mistakenly makes a distinction between ISIS and Islam. He is apparently unaware that everything he mentioned in his little diatribe – the beheadings, the barbarity, the mediaevalism, are endemic throughout the Qur'an and Sunnah. There is nothing unIslamic about what ISIS do. Compare how the Taliban destroyed 3000 yr old Buddhist statues in Afghanistan, with ISIS destroying buildings and monuments in Palmyra. Or compare how the Taliban used sports stadia as execution grounds, just like ISIS using ancient amphitheatres and town squares for executions. Are they really so different? Bullshit. Different geography; same underpinning ideology. Also known as ISLAM!

  2. These Daesh motherfuckers can suck pigs dicks and suck their asses as they are nothing but fucking cowards hiding behind children and WOMEN , all their mothers are pigs and we will roast DAESH's ass in pig fat and wipe these piles of shit from the face of the Earth.

  3. Slick monologue, Neil. You´ve got a bit of Winston in you.
    But I think the IS has a point. The world is dominated by Christians. And this cancerous religion was created by the greatest whore of all time – Maria Magdalena.

  4. Really is this old fossil so deranged as to think the murderous Islamics are going to pay any attention to what he has to say? I have to admit I am a little jealous of a fat dude with simply gross dyed hair bagging a beautiful woman half his age. Honey, when Andy boy cannot get it up, call me. Regardless the man is a pompous fool to think he has the power to affect others thinking, even the conservative thinking.

  5. Amazing on two counts – Andrew Neil of all people deciding to depart from left-wing PC protocol and say what should be said much more often and secondly, the BBC allowing it to be shown! Are they not infringing the human rights of the poor people at IS? – I'm sure that would be the first thought of most progressives. It's a pity that Andrew Neil and all the crowd at the BBC do not also pay attention to all the other murderous attacks by Jihadists around the world – 1300 innocent civilians dead in 27 countries in the last month alone – and more importantly, make the obvious connection between Islam and violence. Wherever Islam goes in the world, violence follows and many innocent people are losing their lives and their families are devastated because our leaders and media are too weak and pathetic to face up to the truth and confront this death cult even within our own countries. Andrew Neil's outburst is a very welcome change and long may it last.

  6. A moving tribute to the contibution of the French to civilization. I would add Sadi Carnot, a pioneer of the science of thermodynamics, without which modern society could not exist.

  7. I'm a son of a Singaporean migrant to UK and I just want to say this to those Islamic low lives out there: "I may have different skin colour with my British friends and families, but our values and goals are the same, freedom, liberty and democracy, if you Islamic scumbags and low lives dare to challenge the country we're living, I'll firmly stand hand in hand with my British fellows and fight till death to defend our country. I'll not rest until every last one of your pig head is being removed from your neck, as Andrew points Hitler and his Nazi thugs failed to challenge the world with state of art equipments, advanced armed forces and capable military generals, how long do you think you can last???? UK and France, a thousand of years later will still stand as jewels of western democracies and the beauties of Europe, while in ten years time you and your pathetic Islamic ideologies would be stumped to pieces like a gang of cockroaches."

  8. Thank you so much!
    I am french, and I am very concerned by this beautiful monologue.
    We must all of us be proud of what we are, English people, Frenchs people… this is the only attitude that we must have in front of barbarism.

  9. . . Nice words. . . As comments are disabled on the interview you have with Katie Hopkins and you ask for a no go area of Britain where Muslims are a problem, try Luton for starters.

  10. Tolerance: The ability or willingness to tolerate the existence of opinions or behaviour that one dislikes or disagrees with.
    When we, in the west, tolerate muslims(c), we are putting up with 'the existence of opinions or behaviour that we dislike and disagree with'.
    It doesn't mean we like you or want you within, violating and corrupting our cultures.


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