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  1. 6:03 Ramy grimaces while his moving backward to the T, then he walks little bit awkwardly for a few seconds, doesn't he?
    I think he's not fully recovered from the injury. It is almost impossible to beat Ramy in 100% condition, but it seems like that he will suffer from the injury all through his remaining career… 🙁

  2. Matthew has great recover so he likes shield, but Ramy is spear..
    During last years, Ramy was sufferd by hamstring, while Matthew has been more sturdy shield than ever….
    I really look forward to seeing their match where their condition're 100%
    I thought whoever win a game, I really like top 10 players…
    Because time is so fast.. then we don't see their plays.. every match deserve treasure…

  3. I am with no doubt a fan of Ramy!! But Matthew has improved a lot and even though Ramy has been injured, then I actually think taht Matthew is reaching a very high level!! He is starting to become a complete player! I think that he deserved this tournament victory!


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