We’re hands on with Microsoft’s Surface 2 at its launch event in New York City. The Surface 2 sports faster processing, an HD screen, Windows 8.1 OS, and …



  1. The MS Market Place is where all MS products fail. I really like the idea of the Surface, but if Im spending that money, I dont care about outlook. Can I fart around with goofy apps while sitting on the couch? Probably not…

  2. The only thing I was worried was google services (gmail, youtube, drive, calendar keep … bla bla)
    But apparently I can use all those apps on the internet window instead of having all the specific app from the store.
    No more hesitation Surface 2

  3. Okay, microsoft has proven theyre the king now on tablets and surely tablet pc's, think apple will have to change a lot to keep up with them. Too bad apple isn't a risktaker like microsoft, their biggest change was ios 7 and that was ios 6 with an shiny gui

  4. They are actually pretty rad tablets. The App store is lacking, but I still know people, especially older people that don't need a bunch of crazy apps, and this would be perfect. I wouldn't get this as a standalone laptop/PC, but if you have a main system, this would be a nice sidekick. First RT imo SUCKED I really didn't like it, I bashed MS for releasing such a horrendous, glitchy, horrible product. But Surface 2 and Pro 2 really improve on the previous' downalls, and bring the vision to life

  5. Nice to see a neutral assessment. I have the surface 2, iPad 3, and Galaxy tab. No other tablet can match the surface 2 (apples to apples). This's tab is amazing. The one problem I have is some of the apps I rely on aren't in the App Store but for the most part the browsers gets it done. Not many people gave/give it a chance but it's really a great tablet. The memory between sky drive and expandable memory is worth the money alone. Definitely surface 2 over other tabs. I don't need 350,000 apps

  6. USB is such a big feature on the surface. Backing up photos on an overseas trip, connecting a printer or scanner to the surface, even connecting it to a HiFi via a DAC. Magic!

  7. I really want to get this tablet i love everything about it i just really hope they real ease a bundle with the type cover 2 because getting them both is 580 i really am waiting for a bundle at the least bring it down to 530 or 550


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