In a surprise move, Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered his military to start withdrawing the “main part” of its forces in Syria from Tuesday. He told a …



  1. The real reason why putin retreated, is because of the saudi Arabia alliance which will go to war against syria anytime now. And it looks like he doesn't wanna interfere.

  2. The forces of the Syrian state & the SDF are now in a position to defeat ISIS, hence the Russian's can start to wind down operations. The BBC might not want to report it but both the SAA & SDF are launching an offensive in Raqqa province.

    ISIS are finished in Syria.

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  4. Ah! Trying to dig up the glory of British Empire! Brits still think their opinion matters and are in even a remote competition with Russia, India or China. News flash for BBC! You're not.

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  6. a big "thank you" to the Russian Federation and its wise leadership!

    the Russian government is NOT claiming to be "more Syrian" than the Syrians themselves.. only western counterparts can make such outlandish claim.

    Russia is not and it will never be a colonial power. when the Soviet Union tried its hand at this, it sunk. when the Soviet Union collapsed, its people were hungry. yet its arms factories had rows after rows of freshly built tanks and artillery ready for export to nations fighting for their freedom and independence against western aggression in exchange for very little cash or sometimes for free!

    it was because the Soviet Union's "colonial policy" was build on ideology.. and "ideology does not cash-make"

    case in point, just watch the United States taking a big fat sloppy shit on its ideals and everything that their constitution stands for to preserve their alliance with totalitarian barbaric regime of al-Saud

    Russia is always going to be there watching out for their friends in Syria. from the Caspian Sea, they can still send Kalibr cruise missiles to Syria. from airbases in southern Russia, long range bombers can deliver their load to Syrian in a continuous non-stop roundtrip. from the Mediterranean, Admiral Kuznetsov will arrive soon where it can launch its aircrafts to support if it needs to. also few other missile-cruisers are making their way to the Syrian coast.

    .. however enough Syrians have to make the decision to preserve their republic. otherwise, the republic should collapse, and its population should subjugated by the "friend-enemies" who showed extreme generosity with weapons deliveries when Syrians where fighting each other.. not when they fought for Golan, not when they fought for Lebanon, and not when they fought for Palestine.

    nature will take its course.. you cannot save people from their own stupidity.

  7. Thanks Russia! Thanks Putin! You are the real peace makers! Russia and Mr.Putin you will never know how much you are respected and loved around the world. Thank God for Russia and Putin- the only left country to be able to stand up against the evil United Warmongering States of America…

  8. I as kurdish man I believe Russian interfere in Surya for tow reason first show world how advance Russian military technology and second teach Assad how to fight and then left all of Russian weapon for Assad to continue fight as Russian way

  9. В России нет проблем, так же как и в российском Крыму. К сожалению, самые брутальные мужчины Европы, в то время когда насилуют их женщин, способны лишь одеть юбки и пройти по улице. Что это творится в Европе? И это потомки тех воинов которые ходили войной на Великую Русь? Насколько смелыми были ваши деды, настолько же трусливы их внуки.
    In Russia, there is no problem, as well as in the Russian Crimea. Unfortunately, the most brutal men in Europe, at a time when rape their women can only wear a skirt and walk down the street. What is happening in Europe? And it is the descendants of those soldiers who went to war with Great Russia? How brave were your grandfathers, just as cowardly their grandchildren.

  10. there is a quote "one tree can make million match-stick is needed to burn a million tree" Time and circumstance can change at any time. Don't devalue or hurt anyone in life.RUSSIA,ISIS,ASSAD AND ANY OTHER RUBBISH MAY BE POWERFUL TODAY.BUT REMEMBER TIME IS MORE POWERFUL THAN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I can't help but wonder what would have happened and how many people would have died of sought refuge in Europe if the US and cohorts had supported Assad. But then that's politics!

  12. everyone analizes judges acts like their pros at war chess. i see 2 weeks ago putin said he would nuke the urks if their 300 thousand troop so called military drill 12 days later he is pulling out? makes sense after his 24 generals just got killed in latvia right? not he is removing his army from the nukes that will hit obl,iverate the 300 thousand sunni arabs

  13. Hahaha, one sentence tells us all. ''Did Russia helped defeat ISIS? NO.'' This piece of S so called journalist just told us they didn't do anything to help fight ISIS. The whole world knows who destroyed the ISIS main source of revenue. Burning oil tankers and refineries, numerous command buildings etc. Pure anti-Russian propaganda FAIL.

  14. Thought about improving my English by watching this… I just can't. Mass media is just soo full of lies, all of it! Doesn't matter whether it's British, American or Russian. I guess l should just watch a movie…


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