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  1. As much as a bitch Matthew can be on the court I applaud his hard work to become one of the best. I don't think he has nearly the talent as some of the other top players but he makes the most of what he has.

  2. If Nick had played 80 mins against Ramy (as Greg did against Shorbagy) I don't think it would have made the slightest bit of difference. But that's maybe where Nick is stronger than Greg. I wander if Greg's lack of sleep didn't impact him more?

  3. i really liked matthew before i watched the full video of him playing. matthew whined a lot and the sportsmanship was lost while he was playing. i thought i intentionally did that so the opponent get irritated. matthew need to learn how to respect others, or people will disrespect him when he is about to retire. and home adventage helped matthew as well.

  4. Maybe, but on the whole I'd say Matthew micro'd Gaultier pretty well in the first half of the match and was more efficient overall. Also this isn't the first time Gaultier's struggled physically in a long 5-gamer – I suspect he was verging on cramp. But yes, great match and some ridiculous points!

  5. Great match! Matthew showed some class. Second game, game point was obviously a stroke. But that first game, game point, was definitely not as clear. Why didn't the commentators suggest he play the ball the way they suggested Shorbagy should have played the ball, in tha

  6. I find it interesting that Nick won games 1 & 2 on stroke calls and the commentators never said anything about fishing, but when El-Shorbagy got the stroke at match point against Willstrop, there was some pretty opinionated comments…

  7. I am very proud to be the first to dislike this video! Greg is so much better than NM. Greg was just very nervous and let the first 2 games slip… He will be back to bit Ramy!

  8. Maybe – or maybe that match might just have lasted longer, like the world team champs back in june, when the match went to 130 mins, and which Nick won too … Greg was a little unlucky with the draw last week, and he's certainly good enough to win the World Champs, but people should give Nick some credit too.

  9. Pissy effort in the fifth. I don't care how tired you are , it,tin,tin and pathetic body language. Yeah nick had an easy semi but haul tier has been playing fantastically well recently and you're in the 5th FFS. I'm not surprised as he's temperamental and can be shaken when the chips are down, but unbeatable when they all line up. He will agree tomorrow morning. Nick, ramy, James, elshorbaggy etc will die to win….he was dying to get off. Matthew should not have won that—guts made the differe

  10. Can we have a 'so you think you can ref' for the second game stroke? Very difficult call specially because PJ's comment is incorrect, NM could play the ball if he wanted, but he preferred to influence the referee by looking for the oponnent. 8.6.6

  11. Do not make tense your body, do not try too hard. Swing like you are Tarzan of the Apes on some vine. Muscle is not power in squash stroke. Body weight in right place, going right speed, is power

  12. I don't understand.. any of this hahahhaha. I was just checking it out to see why some people wanted it in the Olympics instead of wrestling. Which would've been dumb. But, it seems kinda fun, I guess. Have to be pretty agile, it seems.


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