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  1. Of course you can and, in squash, Ashour is ever bit as talented as Federer is in tennis.
    It doesn't make any sense to say Federer is "much much better".
    Watch his space as he continues to grow…

  2. aristrocoli the highlights are free, all you have to do is register with your email for a free account.If you want to watch live or the completed matches then you will have to subscribe.

  3. ah, wait, i just got it: you select 'promotional code,' press continue to payment, but ignore the following screen and go about your business. this is not at all clear, by the way.

  4. Just caught up with the matches on sky. Fantastic squash but somewhat spoiled by that court, and the reflective back wall showing the front rows of the crowd. Did no one check what it would look like on tv beforehand? Looked really amateurish and a shame after the brilliant developments in court and tv presentation in recent years.


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