In the wake of Amr Shabana’s retirement we look at 10 of the Maestro’s best shots in recent years. Watch LIVE and VOD .



  1. May not be the best …. but has been in the top of the sport for ages (Like GG). By far the classiest player the sport has ever seen. Sad to see him leave… The man made the cross court drop nik his shot…..

  2. I would say he is and was for years now one of my favourite players. His movement was under rated. He is smooth and efficient. His racquet skill was always top 3 in the world. Very fair and classy player. He taught me that hitting a good line on the ball can make up for a few shortcomings (later on in his career). He also taught me to be careful hitting length rallies to a lefty down the left hand wall. He could hammer that ball all day with accuracy on that side. A trait that most quality lefties possess. Thanks for the memories Maestro. we will miss you.

  3. Noooooooooo!!!!

    Why now? Amr Shabanna is one of the most inspirational players I ever saw. It's a shame, a real shame he is gone.

    A squash gentleman. Too much to learn for the ones that stay.


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