Action from the Kuwait Open 2007 Semi-Final between Ramy Ashour and John White. You can see many more matches featuring a young Ramy Ashour now in …



  1. Thank you for adding this game to the great compilation of great Squash. To think this game took place ten years ago & we have witnessed the rise of Ramy Ashour & the incredible skill & talent that he has displayed. Both great players

  2. Ramy Ashour — fresh out of junior ranks and playing like that against a very capable John White (no matter that White is in his early 30s)!

    As one of the commentators said at the end "I think he [Ashour] is another JK" (Jahangir/Jansher Khan). As an ancient Squash player, I've had the good fortune to see many of the the greats playing live (and here on SquashTV) — such as Geoff Hunt, Jonah Barrington, Qamar Zaman, Rod Martin, Rod Eyles and John White (but sadly, not Jahangir)

    I know it's blasphemous to say this, but I rate Ramy above the great JKs — he has their skill, speed, court movement and tactics, but for me the big difference is his astonishingly quick hands. Watch videos of the JKs, and see them take many balls off the back wall — not so Ramy, who will volley his opponents screaming shots with his 'magic wand', and still play a tight shot. What a tragedy that his chronic hamstring problem prevented him winning more tournaments — when he is uninjured and match fit, he makes many of his contemporaries look second-rate. On top of all that, he is very entertaining to watch and a fine sportsman — a credit to the game!

  3. Johnny White, one of my faves! And he gets in some great shots – not just his usual bullets but also those feathery backhand drops. But Ramy's reflex volleys in that first game, yikes. Real phenom stuff.

    Stark contrast too with the previous Power-Ricketts match with its multi-minute rallies. This has to be one of the least attritional matches I've ever seen (at least in terms of the length of the points – not the intensity!).

  4. Is this where the game changed from long attritional fitness tests to shot-making goodness? Didn't watch squash prior to this as video quality and contrast of ball on the court was not good enough to see it properly. Also,, some of the older matches were boring. I guess the lower tin (slower ball?) has helped too.


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