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  1. does anybody know the number of strokes for nick matthew in total / in each game? cuz that's usually one big issue winning him games against james willstrop.
    1) to me, it looks like James Willstrop changed his play style in order to avoid / reduce the number of strokes against him.
    2) too bad he made a lot of unforced errors with his stops.
    for me James is technics and Nick is endurance : )

  2. Gotta feel for James there I thought he may just do it this time but credit to Matthew like him or loathe him he is the player to beat at the moment I think he wants to surpass Shabana before he retires

  3. Nick Matthew is so physically dominant it's terrifying. If you don't win the first 2 games against him, you almost certainly lose. He only gets stronger every game as his opponent gets weaker.

  4. Someone needs to tell James he can't win by defending and hoping Nick makes a mistake. Nick was attacking and played the ball super early giving James no chance lug his big frame around the court. Almost an identical performance to his last game vs Ramy, he's onto a winning formula.

  5. He could have celebrated a lot more. Trying to build bridges with James i think. Nick and James very very good players. We all have a player who we cant beat

  6. Matthews is dominant. His mental toughness is incredible. I have been critical of his whiney play in the past, but now he is ice cold. Congrats on getting into such good form!

  7. This is an insanely well played match. You can really see how Willstrop's smooth flow of play gets hit after he wins the first game. But Matthew is way too fit and precise for Willstrop to keep it up. Championship point at 9:21 shows Matthew's impeccable shot selection and perfect execution.


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