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  1. Why in the world would Matthew push him like that???  I know it looked like Selby exaggerated it but still.  Nick purposely pushed him into the wall…god forbid he tripped and went head first.  He should be fined for that.  SMH

  2. After watching again, I dont think Selby wasnt expecting to be pushed like that and he had to step up fast in order keep himself from falling.  I really cant believe that happened in the "gentleman's" game.

  3. Whether Daryl did exaggerate or not it's a blatant shove from Matthew which is appalling to see and most unprofessional. It's not the only incident where he has shoved an opponent.
    Very very disappointing in an otherwise an entertaining game.

  4. So, you can shove your opponents, get away with it, AND win the match…?

    Interesting… Was this whole "gentleman's sport" axiom invented by the aggressive Nick Matthew-esque type player to weed out those who won't do whatever is necessary to win a match, no matter what the cost?

  5. Very disappointed in Matthew for the shove, but equally disappointed in Shelby for the exaggeration or 'simulation'! This better not be a sign of diving coming into squash! 


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