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  1. yes rodriguez went off court quickly but i dont know what gaultier was doing afterwards. Cant tell if he was being disrespectful or just scratching his arse! hm very strange

  2. As much as I respect Gaultier, I find his over-arrogance and play-acting ridiculous, not to mention his obsession with nearly skimming his oppponents to death with full-blown cross-courts only missing by millimetres.

  3. well…Rodriguez refused to help Gaultier up – whether gaultier stumbled or tripped when your opponent is on the floor – you should always offer a hand. It was a good match, Rodriguez merely slapped his hand at the end before sulking off. 
    Yes Gaultier shouldn't have acted the way he did after Rodriguez's actions – he was simply being disrespectful back.

  4. Amazing first rally of the second semi-final. I like how the highlights were made to not show us how the point were made in the end and leave it to our imagination. How right-brain of you!

  5. I had to resort to watching this very short highlight as the replay streams on Squashtv are unwatchable. Constant buffering, it drives me nuts. Youtube always works , why not offer the matches here on youtube (paid channel). I haven't been able to watch any match of the British Open with my paid subscription. Bugger.

  6. I understand why Rodriguez was upset, but after watching 7:33 several times I don't see any way it wasn't a stroke.  You can't hit the ball back at yourself, leave your foot where it trips your opponent and expect anything else.


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