To celebrate the festive season we’ve picked out 2 of our favourite matches from the past 12 months to share with you all. Be quick though, as they’ll disappear on January 1st! Our Xmas day…



  1. At 2 games down ramy in the first point on game 3 after the ref called abouelghars ball out ramy corrected him and called it a let. A True guesture of sportsmanship well done that man.

  2. Ramy was playing poorly here. Too slow and his touch wasn’t there. He was much better vs Shorbagy last week eventhough he lost. A better match would be Ali Farag vs Shorbagy as they were both playing well at the same time

  3. uhhh interesting choice. for sure thought the second match would be Greg V Mohamed in ToC, however this is not a bad pick, Abouelghar puts on a fantastic display of skill. Certainly a cracker

  4. If anyone should be called "The Quadfather" it should definitely be Yip Tsz Fung!! (also, @psa you guys have his name the wrong way around, Yip is the surname and should be read first – thus Yip Tsz Fung rather than Tsz Fung Yip)

  5. The commentators are absolutely terrible! They talk of anything besides whats happening on the court. At 4-2 they make a comment about a shot, then starts blabbering again about something complete different to whats happening on the court.
    We are looking at the match, comment whats going on at the court – take your rubbish nonsens-talk after the match!


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