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  1. If he keeps playing like this it won't be long before Ashour is back to number one in the rankings again. He is the best in the world and a great ambassador for squash. Just wish more people could see what a great game it is to watch now as well as to play. It needs to reach a wider audience. I can see no justification whatsoever for keeping it out of the Olympics. How is it possible rhythmic gymnastics and synchronised swimming are Olympic sports but squash isn't ? 

  2. Seeing this performance by El Shorbagy, I have no doubts he will be the best in the world in several years time. How he was able to get a game off an un-injured Ramy and remain competitive in the other three, after that marathon with Gautier, is unbelievable. Better get used to seeing Ashour- Shorbagy finals

  3. Well I can see why James didn't bother showing up to this tournament, that was some impressive squash. Just a pity PSA Squash TV takes so long to post up the full match, I really want to watch it!


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