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  1. What a finale! Both of them super determined, but it just goes to show what a difference unforced errors make (6:16 is a backbreaker). If you call yourself a fan of the game this is mandatory viewing.

  2. King suppose to win the game, she can only blames herself for making too much of mistakes, but her movements is too good what outclassed other women players now.

  3. As an NZ supporter I made a point of watching the whole match on the NZ sports channel and Joelle absolutely did my head in. How can you hit 24 unforced errors, almost all of them into the tin. TWICE she had a let decision that she should have been happy to get away with but instead she reviews it and it's overturned into a stroke against her. It's like being given probation for a crime and then appealing to the court to get yourself sent to jail.

    I can't handle the choking, it's too stressful. From now I will just watch Paul Coll in the quarters.


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