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  1. I love squash because of the absolute brutal nature of the game, both physically and mentally. I also love the fact it's still our little secret, the rest don't know what they're missing. Gotta say the commentary is a massive plus too, not many sports that can deliver on humour as well as action.

  2. I love squash because:
    – it keeps you fit & provides an awesome workout for the whole body
    – is dynamic, fast and explosive
    – is strategic, smart, mean, emotional and focusing
    – is good for almost any age
    – is simply FUN
    PS: I can't understand why it's not an Olympic sport … it is far far far better than tennis …

  3. I love squash because its the only sport I can play where I am hurting so much but so focussed on winning that I can't feel the pain! … oh and because its awesome 🙂

  4. I love squash because you really need to think and stay awake. Estimating where you opponent is going, and what he thinks you are going to do makes it that much more clever than any other racket sport. Amazing workout and possible to match players of a wide range of levels makes it a great social sport too.

  5. I really love squash because the game offer so much; speed, intensity but also slow paced game close to the sidewalls. The fact that you can hit really hard makes it even more interesting.
    On top of all this, watching and trying to learn from the best players of the PSA world tour makes it all come together!

  6. I love squash, because there's nothing better knowing you physically and mentally have to beat your opponent while coping with the adrenaline pumping through your body on the most important and intense points or rallies.

  7. i love squash because it has helped me so much in terms of dealing with the stress of school work and my social life. When i get on court it's so easy for me to forget about everything and focus primarily on playing and improving my squash to the best of my ability. It has taught me that i can achieve my goals if i put in a lot of effort and determination as i got selected to represent my county for squash. Also the squash community are so welcoming and friendly and are so different to any other sport i know!!

  8. Squash has had a incredible impact on my life. On and off the court squash has given me the drive to accomplish what I never thought that I could. I am incredibly indebted to this amazing sport for showing me the rush of winning, the sorrow of loss, and teaching me the perseverance to push forward and never give up. PSA has been a huge influence and I absolutely adore watching my heroes on court. THANK YOU!!

  9. I love squash because it requires you to use your whole body which makes it healthy. It also offers a competition both physicly and mentally.
    Squash can be played by a big range of ages, children but also adults. I think it should be more famous amongst the youth because it is just great.

  10. I love squash because it had changed my life. I know this sounds cheesy but it really has. I used to be an obese kid who was really unfit but now that I have started squash I am now normal wight. This game make me happy and now is a huge part of me. Watching squash is what helped me get into county level. It helps me in prove so much so if I won this giveaway it would be amazing.

  11. I love Squash exactly for games like that!! The tension that lays after every hit, the "oh my god he still got it" moments, the rush you get every after hitting a perfect ball that makes the sweet "squish" sounds to which I am addicting by now, , getting back up rally for rally and ultimatley love it for the sweet exhausting after 2 hours on the court! I am still sore from the Match I played yesterday, but this video immediatly made me pumped for the next round. Never can get enough, everyone needs more Squash in their life!

  12. It's physically tolling on the body and encourages you to develop both physical and mental strength which is applicable to many situations in life

    It's technicality must be refined and perfected to succeed thus making it the chess of sport

    Who wouldn't love squash when the legends of our time have shown us their passion , their blood , sweat and tears on the court

  13. Squash is my passion and the one thing that just lets me be me and express my feelings. When i step onto that court and play, everything around me feels like doesnt matter anymore and i get a feeling of excitement and i just want to play more and more. Also the only way i really watch squash is through this youtube channel so thankyou. #squashforlife

  14. I love squash so much. Anthony Ricketts is my coach and im trying to develop my learning. I plan to get tickets to the commonwealth games up at the gold coast and can't wait for squash to be introduce to the Olympics in 2020. I also work with the womans world coach, Pat siciliano. Squash has also had a massive impact on my life, I used to be fat and lazy but squash has completley turned that around.

  15. I love squash because….. when you play there is a huge rush, you cant wait to hit the next shot and watch your opponent run after your shot, one of the best feeling is when after an insanely long rally hitting a winner. If i could id never stop playing Squash. I play as often as i can, and when im not playing, im usually watching squash on this amazing channel. Thanks so much for fueling our love for the best sport in the world!

  16. I love squash for the feelgood endorphins and therapeutic value of being able to FORGET EVERYTHING ELSE EXCEPT WHAT IS HAPPENING ON COURT AT THAT EXACT MOMENT


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