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  1. IMO, a lot of strange ref decisions: lets where usually strokes are given, and no lets where giants as both willstrop and rösner with their enormous reach clearly can get to the ball. but, i know, ref decision is ref decision, at least it was like this through the whole match.

  2. The video refs in this tournament were overly deferential to the original decisions. This game had a decision that was 100% incorrect (15:40) in the replay and was allowed to stand. I worry about the standard of "enough evidence to overturn the original decision" mentioned by the commentators on occasion. The sport wants to minimize overturned decisions, but the focus should be entirely on better original decisions, not less stringent reviews.

  3. all these decisions of the referee are pretty strange. that is the reason why squash did not qualify at the Olympic Games. Such judges should be banned because it ruins the game and the audience makes it incomprehensible !!!

  4. I think "any" kind of interference in squash should just be replay point… then we can just focus on getting kill shots and playing the game and not argue about slight differences in let's n strokes


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