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  1. Extraordinary squash! Perhaps the greatest match I've ever viewed, live or recorded. Classy sportsmanship, excellent commentating, top notch refereeing. Should be exhibit A for making the case to sanction squash as an Olympic event.

  2. What equivalent squash ball are they using? I play with a double yellow dot (very occasionally a single yellow) and when I play the ball never sits up as nicely as is does in this game. Get so many dead balls and the ball never seems to pop up off the back wall like it does in this video.. My theory is the court we play on (wood floor) isn't good quality. Does this make sense?

  3. Several weak calls in that match.  For example…Yes Let to ElSho at 8-9 in 5th game.  Very clear Stroke should have been the call.  Ref let Ashour block endlessly in the 5th game and did not penalize him for minimal effort and not taking direct path to the ball several times, rewarding Ramy with too many Let calls in the 5th.  And of course Ramy should have been given a Stroke to win the match near the end.  But by then the Ref had abdicated all responsibility for making rational calls.


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