Squash: Gaultier v Farag – Bellevue Squash Classic 2017 Final Highlights


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  1. what a match.. farag would have beaten anyone else the way he was playing, but hats off to the french general, he just keeps getting better and better , he's in a different league compared to rest of the field!

  2. Yes Greg plays incredibly well but playing back to back tournaments and winning them all must take its toll at some point, he is playing a lot more than all the other players. Sure he looked dominant again but he's resting between points now, I could be wrong but it looks like he's at his limit physically and mentally. I don't see him winning in Dubai, something's gotta give.

  3. Gaultier is unbelievable….what a champion!! He makes it look so effortless everytime and to beat Farag in 3??? unreal….Farag is a very skilful player so it demonstrates how skilful Greg is!!

  4. Two guys who love playing squash, competing ferociously within the spirit of the game. That was a delight to watch. Farag is not going to last much longer without a major tournament win.

  5. I think with such an incredible streak at such a "late" (if I may use it) point of time in his career, Gaultier has rightly entered the league of legends.
    For nearly for a decade, Gaultier was always in the top 5 and I thought he would retire to be remembered as that. Physical fitness was one of the pillars on which he built that position. However, mentally he always "lacked" the maturity and was even taken advantage of.
    Indeed, it makes sense why he's peaking now; he has really matured with age and also his efforts to fix the problem. Far more stunning is the growth in his mental fitness than that in his physical one (that recovery!), which leaves you in awe of his performances!

  6. Wow. I love to see the sportsmanship between the two players and how they treat each other with respect. And yes, even though Farag would have won with this performance against many other players, Greg Gaultier is playing in his own league atm. Great advertisement for our sport nonetheless!


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