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  1. It will be a really interesting next season I think. After the Summer break hopefully Shorbagy will come back strong and last year Gawad seemed unbeatable in the winter part of the season and if gaultier is playing like this then there should be some absolute crackers! Not forgetting the lower ranked players who can always be the spanner in the works eg Matthew, Willstrop, Coll, Dessouky to name a few. So basically next season is gonna be awesome!

  2. Amazing movement by gaultier, very efficient crab-like side movements and those front court lunges are a sight to behold. While he's not as lanky as taller players, his recovery from the stretch lunge is the best in the game. I noticed some of his deep back hands seem to hit the side wall nick but hug the side wall still, almost like there's a bit of side spin to his back hand. If he's doing those on purpose, it's a very high level difficult shot indeed.

  3. Masterclass from Gaultier, while many players these days focusing on attacking, definitely enjoying to watch players with accurate hitting such as Gaultier, Matthew and younger Willstrop

  4. This match Greg looked like the perfect squash player. Gracious, incredible strength, gets every pick up, no errors, pin-point accurate winners. He is on the way to GOAT status and isn't that far off it right now.

  5. can someone explain how Gawad will overtake the top spot from Gaultier in the next month ranking despite the loss to him, seems that PSA is using a very complicated formula, hope they are not using the theory of relativity because I can't understands…

  6. Wow. What a destruction. Against an amazing Gawad who is No.1. Crowd was trolled superbly by the French Generale. Gaultier is very generous to Gawad and shows lots of class.


  7. Gaultier's movement over the past 2 years has improved to the point where I think his flow is better than Jansher Khan. Which is something I thought I never say. I am yet to see anyone move with that grace into the corners.

  8. Greg's ability to stay balanced regardless of position and absolutely devastating shoot selection, make him very tough to beat. We will just have to wait until he gets tired of winning Championships. Congratulations to Greg and Karim. I believe Bobby Hunt's previous comments said it all, cheers and best regards from LTSQUASH Canada.


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