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  1. well… this competetion is quite lame… only one shot from the second game??? so short and unenteraining as if it was a first round match! at least el gouna was something good…

  2. To be fair the game was kinda bad due to Simon's fatigue, he gave his all to get there against Mosaad, so I sort of understand why this particular video is too short.
    But sadly this is a trend that is not exclusive to this one and even though I understand the financial needs I'm pretty convinced you should use social medias to get more people watching the sport instead of frustrating the ones who already do.
    You're doing it wrong guys.

  3. PSA SquashTV want you to sign up and join their website i.e. pay to watch these matches hence why they only show short clips free of charge on YouTube.  They are running a business at the end of the day.


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