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  1. I understand you guys want money but I have a psasquashtv account, but i like to watch the highlights to know what the best matches are as I don't have time to watch them all full ( and to know what happened in the others ) so please make the highlights a bit longer again. Btw like the players as commentators.

  2. If you have an account you can watch the extended highlights through the squashtv website can't you? I cancelled before they updated their software as it wasn't compatible with android but no reason not to join again. Can't be too picky when it's free

  3. Well played by Rosner but Mosaad was completely robbed of that game by awful referee decisions. Got forbid the same man umpires the final. Regardless another dislike due to such short highlights. It's pathetic come on guys.

  4. Shame Omar Mossad got played. Bad referring can take your head off the game. Hope Rosner plays better when he plays the general.. Not giving him a 3-0 that's annoying to watch on finals

  5. As the sole broadcaster of squash, SquashTV does have a responsibility to promote squash to the general public, and to shorten the highlights so dramatically is pretty irresponsible in terms of promoting the game of squash. Made a lot of progress with all those youtube views and subscribers… this seems like a step backwards.

  6. I just don't understand the reason for trimming the highlights. Apparently this is highlights of highlights. Ridiculous !!!!
    I would request PSA Squash to upload highlights in the real sense so that we can enjoy watching it. 

  7. So many complainers, who think they're entitled to something for free.  Subscribe to SquashTV, or take what you can get for free.

    SquashTV costs money to produce. Actual money. The PSA can't afford to pay that entire cost.  Sponsors aren't willing to pay it. So they've made it a subscription service, that's available for a reasonable price.

    There are longer highlight packages available to subscribers, as well as complete replays, and they will also be publishing the old SquashLive archives as well.  There's tons of value in a subscription, if you're a squash fan.

    You can whine about "this is why our sport isn't more popular", but that doesn't address the question of how to pay the production costs.  Sure, it would be great if squash was popular enough that sponsorship dollars would cover the cost of SquashTV, making it free – and maybe one day it will be.  But newsflash: No one is offering to cover those costs right now.


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