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  1. wow what an amazing battle! will mean that Willstrop will have a very difficult semi final though…
    although 20+17+14+17+37=105 mins it's still gruesome!
    glad they finished the game like that talking through their 'issues'. two great players!

  2. Every game 11-9 or 9-11 and a 20-18 tiebreaker. They don't come much more gruelling than that, not surprising they were struggling towards the end. Shorbagy is looking like the next big thing in squash. Also very sporting of him to call his own shot down on match ball. I'm liking him more and more each time I see him play.

  3. Great match,, just so disappointing to see such a poor sportsmanship from James – desperate attempts to take let and fall to the ground like a football player! Shorbagy made all his shots and had all right — James needs to play this, not lay on the ground like a fool!


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