Squash : HotShots – Ramy Ashour – Skills – British Open Squash 2012 In case you hadn’t noticed, this boy can play. Here are a few examples against Daryl …



  1. I understand this stuff is exciting for people who aren't familiar with the game. "good for the game" in that sense. But this isn't what squash should be about or how it should be taught or played. Watch the greatest, Jahangir, or the top of the game right now like Willstrop, Matthew, or Gaultier. That's squash. Ramy plays low % trick shots, and it can be devastating, but it just doesn't have the dependability and consistency to be great.

  2. Of course they have great basic game, they wouldn't be top 10 if they didn't. But Ramy takes more risks in his shots than I think a player should. Obviously everyone has his own style, but I have a strong preference for the really high % game. Ramy, more so than Shabana who I generally like to watch, is constantly trying to thread the needle. He may take a shot that's 50/50 odds of winner/error, rather than just playing to keep the pressure on and wait for a 90/10 or something like that.

  3. I just agree with Shaba, when he says you have to go for your shot. watch?v=Bk2i8HuWues
    I enjoy watching Willstrop, he's all about precision, but Nick? It's just pure physicality and thats boooring.

  4. I don't think you can really say that what Ramy does isn't what squash should be or how it should be taught or played. Squash has multiple elements to it, not just about drilling in plays but a mental aspect in its essence. For a person with exceptional explosiveness and reaction time like Ramy, it would be better to take advantage of that to attack and take the game rather than elongating the game unnecessairly. His racket is 110 pounds and his form is very peculiar for his specific style.

  5. llol. have you ever followed games lately? check there late matches to see who won more between Nick and Ramy. injury-free Ramy has been dominating in 2012. most of their games went like Ramy kept attacking and Nick was able to retrieve in the beginning but eventually lost as his movement was gone in the end of game. Not all games, but its main theme in their recent games.


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