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  1. Had the hardest route to the final with Matthew and either Shorbagy or Willstrop, but no, not a problem, wins the whole tournament at the age of 34. Ridiculously good player, deserved all he got this week easily the best player of the tournament.

  2. Gaultier seemed to be sooo off this entire tournament!  It does not even look like he is the one playing out there.  Maybe it is the nerves or pressure of reaching number 1 again.

  3. Shabana is incredible! Truly deserved applause!
    Never thought I would think that way but it seems like I've found a sport idol for myself 🙂 Feel both lucky and happy to see Amr Shabana playing and winning today!
    Best wishes from Russia, please keep playing and encouraging your fans! 🙂

  4. Gaultier is a "great and well mannered winner", crying, patting peoples bums, and a gutless loser. He has the heart of a pea in finals matches that's why he always loses them. If he hugged me like he did shorbaggy after winning I would knee him in the balls…..prick!

  5. Do not make tense your body, do not try too hard. Swing like you are Tarzan of the Apes on some vine. Muscle is not power in squash stroke. Body weight in right place, going right speed, is power


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