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  1. So far this tournament is the worst I've ever seen for bad calls by referees. It doesn't show it in these highlights but Mohamed got cheeky with them at one point, sarcastically thanking them for giving him a let ball where previously they had been throwing strokes out left right and centre for no apparent reason. They've been horrendously inconsistent. Hope it doesn't overshadow the final.

  2. oh lordy, my 2 favourite players in the final, nobody else plays with the same intensity as Gaultier and Shabana, two incredible players, so much emotion and creativity, can't wait! 

  3. If you are a fat man, big tummy, I tell you squash racquets never takes this weight from you. I am in court six-seven hours every day, and never I lose one ounce like this. Eat not so much, only way.


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