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  1. Not pretty? That delicate touch and deception at 1:36? or his great hold and absolutely beautiful tight drive for the winner at 4:28? If Willstop's gorgeous rails, pinpoint precision, and high floating lobs aren't pretty squash, then I don't know what is.

  2. Willstrop is a very good player in my opinion his skill is not questionable bit i agree in terms of his persona on court he does not electrify the game when you compare this match with a Matthew Ashour match you can feel the energy like there entertaining as well as playing where as Willstrop just gets in done.

  3. Maybe I was unclear, what I was basically saying was Ramy is a legend and hard to beat even when he plays badly, therefore James cheering reinforces what I just said. All in all Ramy didnt play well at all, and if he was "in the zone" he would have killed James. Look at their most recent games.

  4. Did you watch the full match, or just these short clips of James' ascendency? Ramy definitely redefined his game over the year, but I assure you he was not off form during the match. James employed the right tactics and techniques to destroy Ramy's gameplay.

  5. If someone like Ramy plays his best at every tournament, obviously he's gonna be winning, but no one can play his best at EVERY match. That is part of the mental pressure of professional sports. If that's the case, Amr's form can be comparable to Ramy's. And James wouldn't have lost to Shorbagy in Qatar. What I'm saying is: Ramy wasn't off form, he was playing well. But James made no mistakes so he controlled. You watch the whole thing and tell me if Ramy messed up other than the start.

  6. You are a very annoying human being. I put my opinion fowards, I do not care for yours or anyone elses. Ramy didnt play well, James had a good game, end of. Shut up and stop commenting to me.

  7. lol..xXSkAtTyRaTXx…seems a bit upset by your comments…nice to see Wilstrop win this one, he works hard and is an amazing player..we all have our heros…but this was his day and we need to respect that.

  8. haha that's weird that everytme willstrop was in Rami's way, he was awarded the point and the one time Rami was in willstrop's way, he was penalized and willstrop go the point. Rigged much?

  9. I disagree with everyone who thinks that Willstrop has a boring style. Maybe he doesn't play at such a fast pace and he clearly doesn't have the mobility of many players. But he has excellent knowledge of the game, wonderful racket skills and is one of the most deceptive players.


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