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  1. Ramy is on a roll with a long winning streak at the moment. Don't think with this form he'll be beatable any time soon. Great, entertaining match between the 2, as always.

  2. ashour must be getting tired of being the guy who is always completely lost on james' highlight reel.
    james must be getting tired of playing like jonathan power and still losing to ramy.

  3. PLEASE never let Kuwait TV film squash tournaments again! It's shameful (what the hell, 1960s quality)!

    And here I was expecting to see slo-mo footage (thousands of frames per second) of squash…

  4. No he has a very valid point. Doing video these days is not hard, HD is no luxury item, even phones have it these days and all standard consumer camcorders do. But that's not even the point, no replays, no video reviews is terrible. They have in fact provided nothing extra over an amateur taping this. This is expecting basic professionalism and performance which actually provide very basic features, not some glitzy showy features. Plus they kept zooming on sheiks, tells you why it was chosen.

  5. Can't stop smiling every time I see Ramy playing! He should be named the Maestro of Squash not Shabana! With all do respect to Shabana of course but Ramy is just different, the super amazing good type of different… Wishing you all the best Romeo and from one success to another 🙂

  6. If you saw the semi-final roundup, where Gaultier had ankle issues and basically only played hard for one game, it might make a little sense that Ashour is MUCH less tired than Willstrop here.

    Not that Ashour isn't a super awesome player in the first place, but the physical stress over the course of a tournament weekend is a big deal, and he dodged a good portion of it.


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