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  1. He had a fever and considered withdrawing as said the in match report. Clearly he wasn't playing right and not able to move to difficult shots as he did a few weeks ago. Amazing how Marwan considers this a real victory and was so happy about it. The last guy who beaten him when he was really playing was Nick Matthew in the 2012 British Open Final.

  2. Ramy looks as if he expects a lot of his shots to be winners, and when they get retrieved by some of the best in the game, he has to come up with miraculous feats to survive. I wonder what he would look like if he played a traditional, coached style, with his incredible skill and fitness.

  3. I'm not sure why everyone give reasons for ramy for losing the game. He's hitting awkward length, volley mistakes, and not enough width like he used to hit. shorbagy was the better player here and deserve the win.

  4. Ramy is always getting injured… If he didn't he would be the best player in the world. Think about it, if he's in his top condition I don't think anyone can beat him.


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