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  1. Before we jump into conclusions and convict Marwin of bad sportsmanship, those two strokes called against him were terrible calls. They both should of been let balls. Feres wasn't letting him back to the tee.

  2. Extracts of the game not very favorable to MS, however, that always happens with Dessouki who often goes for the man instead of going for the ball. Many of his games are unbearable to watch except for a few brillant points.

  3. 5:56 what a horrible call. Worst I have seen in a long time. No way Dessouki would have gotten that ball. With the video review they should have picked that up.

    Side note… how are there so many people at a RD1 match ? I have seen squash finals with less people in the audience. Seems strange.

  4. Opinions opinions opinions! 🙂 Well, I for one do feel that the stroke decisions could have been lets just as well. I sort of can understand that Shorbaggy lost his temper although for good sportsmanship never take out on your opponent the questionable decisions of the referees.

  5. This is exactly why squash isn't in the olympics yet. The last point was a justified stroke. Marwan hadn't been clearing the ball for the entire match and he clearly blocked out Dessouki from playing the ball. What a baby.

    The PSA and WSF referees need to crack down on this type of behavior and start issuing bans and fines for unruly behavior. Too much blocking, not playing the ball, playing them, arguing with the referee, and blatant disrespect of the opponent, referee, and the game. What a shame for squash.

  6. This was a really bad match I was expecting a much better behaved mouth from Marwan, Too much shouting and arguing would've been better if he just played the game. But bad sportsmanship

  7. I personally think both calls were right. First one, Marwan didn't make any attempt to clear. Second one, he went for the nick but the ball popped up and the ball came back to him, with the second bounce right in front of him. Fares would have easily gotten that if he wasn't being blocked by Marwan.

  8. Last ball was not stroke. Dessouki has no chance on that ball and marwan had no way to move at such a killer. Bad sportsmanship anyways but i can see why Elshorbagy is frustrated.

  9. Rules state that if the striker makes no attempt to clear its a stroke. Not always cited during pro matches unless it becomes repetitive and here it was very blatant. Great decisions by the refs. 1:53 was a good yes let call. Dessouki showing an effort to back out, he's only in the way because Shorbagy slammed into him and pushed him back onto the ball.

  10. Wow, no love lost between these two. I'm with Dessouki on this one, even though I know he's not exactly a saint either. Elshorbagy is using his older brother's tactics of taking up more space than needed and also the very subtle step back into his opponent. If you watch the first stroke replay you can tell Elshorbagy's weight is shifted into Dessouki on purpose when front foot is lifted. Its a very subtle move but the more ruthless pros seem to use it when they're in trouble. It tests the referee cause if the ref is caught out once and doesn't give a let to Dessouki, Shorbagy will keep doing it the rest of the game and will consistently receive the same no let calls on his opponent. Its sneaky and dirty. Having said all that, Elshorbagy's true colours showed at the end. I think there was probably some personal rift between these two before this game.

  11. I dont care if you dont shake hands, you dont walk back to hit their hand away. Grow up. Either leave and dont shake or shake. Whether you mean it doesnt matter. If I was the PSA you would get a fine for that

  12. Marwan Elshorbagy too often uses his body to block opponents every time he plays a good aggressive shot. Finally the referee is punishing him for it. Personally, I think Marwan is a disgrace for the sport.


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