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  1. How can you not show the conduct stroke to Elshorbagy in the second game? If such match decisive moments are not shown in the highlights, then what's the point of having highlights at all?

  2. Some terrible reffing in this match, watched it live and he caused the Elshorbagy meltdown with inconsistent rulings and bullying him, very odd, I know they have some history but this ruined the final. Farag was hunting for strokes a lot and not calling his double bouncing, borderline cheating. Terrible pointless highlights here as well.

  3. I'm with some of the other comments this tournament, I don't like this new format of cutting out some of the important moments from the highlights and jumping into rallies right at the end. It doesn't feel as fluid or complete.

  4. Refrees are impartial and must be respected for the decisions they give. Their remuneration doesn't depend on the outcome of the game. They have nothing to gain or lose. Shorbagy is a stubborn player who gets worked up everytime things don't go his way! He's never been able to accept defeat, which is both good and bad.
    All in all Farag deserves this win. So Happy for the couple.


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