Squash: Men’s Rd 1 Roundup Pt. 2 – U.S. Open 2017 Presented by MacQuarie Investment Management


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  1. The two players I like watching new are through to next round, superman and ferrous.

    On another not, I think the stroke should be on superman and not Gawld. It was a lose ball. Gawld had it cover.

  2. Fairly impressed by Chris Gordon, really solid against a top-10 opponent, that seems like a good sign for American Men's squash (whenever Amanda comes back we'll have very little to warn about with women's squash).

    @PSA SQUASHTV a question: I can kind of see giving a conduct stroke against Gawad in that second-to-last point, but surely he should have also gotten a stroke as well. So then it would have been 10-9 Coll instead of 10-8. Do the rules allow for that outcome?

  3. On the conduct stroke … It seems like the ref took a harsh stance, but
    1. Gawad had been warned at 5-5 for silly pushing on a standard shut-out ball.
    2. He had the drop shot so easily covered that the amount of force he hit Coll with was completely unnecessary.

    Personally, I am glad Coll came through. Gawad is usually such a gentleman, but this time he didn't apologise or even look at Coll after the impact. Clearly the pressure of the potential upset was too much for him and if the match had gone on to more close games it could have turned very ugly.

  4. about Gawad:

    on one hand if you don't show enough effort to get the ball you don't get rewarded with a stroke or even sometimes a let. And on the other hand if you show excessive force, or excessive effort you get conduct warnings and/or strokes. I think the line is fine and in the clips shown Gawad should've gotten let's or even strokes. He's barely doing anything from our perpsective here. I agree with some people here, there should definitely be some sort of videl appeal system on these conduct warnings and strokes.

  5. i still believe that if dessouki works on his mental game he could be the most formidable player on the circuit. He is already showing more maturity when it comes to shot selection. I hope he will go far in this tournament!


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