We’ve gathered together 12 of the most voted for shots of 2015 in our monthly Shot of the Month competition to create this mega-list – The 2015 Shot Of The Year …



  1. Shabana wins. Furthest distance to cover on a drop for the shot – requires the greatest touch and highest possibility for punishment if the shot is not on. That plus a taxi wins the day.

    #2: Rodriquez for the reaction and the pirouette
    #3: Gawad
    #4: Marche

  2. So many good shots. Although I think Rodriguez's #6 was phenomenal, it wasn't a winner, which I feel is an implied attribute for a shot of the year. I find Gaultier's #2 and Shabana's #1 amazing as well, although I am somewhat biased as Gaultier is my favorite player. I believe that #7 Mossad is the best shot. Not only was it an outright winner, the complete a-typical nature of the shot and the absolute contrast from what "The Hammer of Thor" is known for puts this as the best shot for me.

  3. #1 shabana for reminding us of the diversity in possible shots as well as the value of deception/surprise (not to mention impeccable style) in our great sport or #10 mosaad for pure accuracy, timing and placement to produce a shot so indefinitely unreturnable it makes you laugh.


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