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  1. if gaultier would have taken the 1st game, this would have been a very close 5 setter .. but again, shorbagy is playing in a league of his own! beating a class player like gaultier in straight sets , WOW, hats off!!

  2. I love that you had Nick Matthew on as a co-commentator. So awesome to get some insight from a top player and his perspective on the players in the match. More please 🙂

  3. Nick Matthew is a great commentator, also after this tournament, I am 100000% sure that there is no better player than Ramy Ashour and Shabana and Matthew. The squash was nothing but hit hard and fast paced games, most of the points are played backwards, lots of hitting and boring to watch. Ali Farrag was such a disappointment against Marwan.

    Just watching the first game of Ramy against Shorbagy tells you the difference between Ramy, Shabana and Matthew from other players, insane reactions, can take the pace off, can play fast pace with a PURPOSE. Squash is so boring to watch lately with Shorbagy just having a strength hitting contest and anger issues with the wall 😀


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