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  1. Mohamed is just ridiculously good! God 3:0! I expected more competition between the two especially after Marwan’s performance against Farag and Rosner but that just looked so easy for Mohamed, not a single game lost in the whole tournament, so focused and consistent this guy.

  2. Despite how not-so-upbeat this final match has been, the level of squash from both men and women has gone up a good notch! So many upsets and almost every match has been played so closely. I love it!

    Also, that women's final match was amazing!

  3. I miss real finals, Matthew, Ashour, Shabana, Gaultier, Willstrop, Darwish and Shorbagy Senior of course, I just miss real finals man, those new Egyptians are dominating for nothing, there are no other players from the other countries this is the problem not that Egyptians are actually that dominating, fake domination and BTW The final was so boring to watch and PLEASE CHANGE THE REFS, I WISH PSA SQUASH TV can make a full report on the refs performance and to show how many wrong mistakes they did, because their performance is so bad lately. Both Semi Finals Momen and Farrag lost due to the excessive space those Shorbagy brother take when they are playing which resulted in the players feeling uncomfortable, irritated and the refs handled that poorly. Shorbagys should be strictly penalized for their streetwise blocks and taking extra space or standing on the ball, this has become an MMA contest, any match with any of those brothers is boring and has a lots of stops. The crowd barely clap to anything in the final…Disappointed.

  4. why can't all the egyptians be like Ashour, Farag, Shabana.

    Instead we're stuck with the immensely dislikeable El Shorbagys, Momen and Dessouki.

  5. Well played both Elshorbagy brothers worthy finalists and super squash.
    As for all the moaners sniping about a top four Egyptian finish, I suppose Gaultier winning the last five tournaments was boring for you also.
    You only reach the top on merit in this sport so suck it up and get a grip of reality, the sport has got better and the players of old would struggle today.


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