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  1. I dont understand why I found this sport for me so late. I enjoy watching and playing it. Its great to see these passionate players being very competitive both but actually so different. Was a great match and you can clearly see that Tarek is the one whom people would have wished to see as a winner ๐Ÿ˜€ Keep up the good job!

  2. Umpiring has been really poor nowadays. STROKES are way too easily. STROKES should be given when a player is in command and cannot a hit a shot.
    Nowadays, even if you hit s great low drop shot in the corner and moving out, other player will immediately come from the behind regardless of whether he can pick up the ball or not, UNFORTUNATELY GETS THE STROKE.

    Players take advantage of it like Shorbagy did in this match at 9-10 down in the 3rd set. Same thing he did with his brother in Semi Final. If you do it like this match will be decided by STROKES only !!!!!

    Anyways, referees should be more strict on giving points on STROKE


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