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  1. This is what the world of squash has come to. Seasonal performances by players-Gwad in 2016 with his championship and Quatar win, farag with his matches with Elshorbagy and ofcourse Gautier in 2017 and now Rodriguez and Kandra beating the whole field. The only player that is actually consistent is Elshorbagy while all these other players can't get their head around what to do.

    You're so happy about Rodriguez winning British Open? Well be happy too when you see him loose in the quarters for the next 10 tournaments. This is no uprising, this is no new champion, this is Gwad 2016.

  2. Why do they have to play a big loud club tune immediately after the last point? particularly when emotions are as high as they were there for Rodriguez. Reminds me of someone partying too hard and getting all teary on the dance floor,

  3. Really happy for rodriguez .. shorbhagy was physically exhausted after the 3rd game, and tried the desperate time delaying tricks ( getting the court cleaning literally after every point ) , but in the end, rodriguez was physically in a much better shape .. shorbhagy had 3 very grueling 5 setters , and it eventually took a toll on him.. but overall it was a fantastic final and tournament , and a much deserved victory for the Cannon Ball!

  4. No disrespect to MES, but good for the game to see a new name on the hallowed BO trophy!
    I should have realised Rodriguez was in form after watching him despatch Ashour early in the tournament (although Ashour did appear to be struggling with some injury) — and then Mosaad and Farag. Great effort, Miguel!

  5. The match against Gaultier and the 5 setters on the first rounds have paid dividends now in the fina for Elshorbagy, but all credit to Miguel Angel who had a pretty difficult draw (Ashour, Mossad, Farag) and he manages to reach the final in better shape


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