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  1. This was a tough one for Rosner, but I really hope he'll take a positive lesson from this, not a negative one. He held several match balls against one of the great champions of the sport, and also (in the earlier rounds) beat Gawad and Matthew, so he has to believe he can play with the very top guys now. I honestly didn't expect him to be quite this strong.

  2. I gave Simon a standing ovation myself. Brilliant game even if he lost. He can adapt to anyone's game perfectly. I really wish if the full game could be thrown out as a gift to squash addicts on a free game Friday.

  3. Incredible displays of touch and precision here by Rösner! So many shots into the nick or stuck to the side wall. Great to see the progress he's made on that part of his game, he's a much more complete package these days – it paid off for most of this match and will do so again.

  4. What an UNBELIEVABLE match from these 2 guys !! Happy to see that the outsiders are doing their jobs ! I mean Rosner and Willstrop are only seeded (6) (7) so incredible from these guys!!


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