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  1. This is where Jansher Khan and Jahangir Khan were so special. They would just win everything. Muhammad El Shorbaghy, Ramy Ashour, Greg Gaultier and even the wolf Nick Mathew, non of them could maintain that winning streak. But personally im happy for Rosner. such a great guy and wonderful player.

  2. Fantastic squash in the tournament and great for Rosner. Have subscribed to Eurosport and have to say it's a bargain for ÂŁ30 a year. The matches between Matthew/Gaultier, Cuskelly/El Shorbagi and of course the final were worth that alone.

  3. what a great example of a real humble sportsman. I was always wondering when its gonna be the first time rösner wins a tournament. this guy always puts so much pressure and has nice touches at the same time. now finally he won a big world series tournament….that was really overdue! All hail the German Treechoppa Gentleman !

  4. Did he say 13 or 30 years he’s been trying in New York? Well deserved. The crowd as usual are fantastic and so appreciative. Best place to play these world class tournaments.

  5. Such a likeable winner. Been quite worried that he wouldn't have enough to beat the continuous emergence of dynamic Egyptian players and get a big tournament win like this. Fitting that he beat his pal Nicky MĂĽller on the way to this title.


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