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  1. I was wonderring for a while wither you were right about the khan thing, now i can say Confidently that you are wrong, i to love the speed of this new age squash but as a player my self i love seeing people getting traped fustrated and then end for the kill, today's players are constantly getting traped and the trapper making stupid mistakes and releasing them, for jhansher all it took was one wrong shot and the point was over, that was quality, i dont mean to say that todays game are bad (cont)

  2. I mean to say that to many minor errors are being made, i love players like matthew, ashore, willstrong but they make stupid little errors that are annoying to witness, its no longer about pakistani pride its about the quality of the game, when watching jhangir i really felt like the game moved more like a river flow that todays tidle waves, well i could say more but im eager to hear your opinion, you seem intellectual which i admire and enjoy, please take no offense, healthy debate this is 🙂

  3. yeah i would agree with you. The character of the game has changed and the fitness of today's players is incredible, beyond that of the khans or any past players. It's just a different era, sports evolve and players get better. It happens in every sport…

  4. I disagree about players being much fitter now…the game is much faster but the racquets do 10x more of the work…have you ever tried playing with a wooden racquet? It's virtually impossible for someone used to graphite let alone the current super-light super-stiff styles. It also took incredible skill to hit a tight shot with a wooden racquet. Modern players may have faster acceleration and shorter recovery times but older players were much stronger all-around imo. Every era is different.

  5. Lol at the downvotes from nick matthew fan boys. Yea the ball is thrown to the audience, but nick matthew smashed it into the audience. That is not cool. Please watch the video and see how he drills it after he loses. obvious lack of sportsmanship. Happened quite a few times.

  6. Some of Matthews conduct on court does take the shine off of his squash ability he is one of the most athletic squash player but given he is a grown man and also a professional you would expect better conduct on court.

  7. Yoou're right – out of curiosity I cunted some rallies in this match vs a Khan vs Khan 1987 – Khans averaged about 40.4 shots per minute, these two were at 46.7 which is more than 10% faster game. I personally think it is more down to the slower ball (double-yello dots were not yet made back then) and the lower tin encouraging more attacking play. Plus these guys take the ball before the back wall and play a more dying length, and volley more. Rackets may play a part but very hard to quantify.

  8. Football is a great game and so is squash, I play both and have represented my state and university in both the games and let me tell you the exhilaration experienced in both the sports is just…undefinable. Its a different story if you're talking about American Football, in that case I concur.

  9. This is squash at a very fast speed (even for these top pros)! For those looking to compare the current top players' skills with Jahangir Khan and Jansher Khan, remember that the Khans grew up playing squash with a different scoring system (9 points – hand in / hand out) that emphasized stamina and patience over ambitious stroke play. The longest professional matches in that era could go to 2+ hours, hence the players learnt to keep the speed at a slightly slower level. The racket skills however were quite comparable as were the breath taking reflexes and speed on the court (to dig out impossible drops and nicks). Also note that Jahangir began his professional career playing with a wooden racket at a time when the tin used to be higher – so it was even harder to try to kill the ball in the front court – yet another reason why these players played less aggressively. Unfortunately, the TV footage from those days is not high definition so it is mostly impossible to see the squash ball. Thus, I can understand why it is harder for the current squash players to be respectful of the top professional squash players from the past! Even beyond Jahangir and Jansher, there were several top notch Australian squash players who would stand shoulder to shoulder with Nick and Ramy if they were playing today!


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