Free extended highlights available at: [1] Gregory Gaultier (FRA) v Declan James (ENG) [13] Daryl Selby (ENG) v [8] Paul Coll (NZL) [5] Nick Matthew…



  1. Ramy’s squash in the first game was the best i have seen in years just didnt get his fitness back yet. When he does he will be unstoppable. Really amazing speed across the T forcing Shorbagy to play very wide and annoying cross courts. The highlights dont do justice to the first game’s amazing squash.

  2. After reading some comments, please guys lets stick to facts. Results speak for themselves. Shorbagy is way better than
    Ramy Fitness/Indurance and fighting spirit. We have a 2-3 season champ. The only reason you find Ramy appealing/have sympathy for him is charisma which has nothing to do with squash courts. You should check Ramy behavior after he wins against shrobagy in El Gouna Championship. Shorgbay had to walk to him for 20 seconds to shake hands. It is ok if Shorbagy wanna scream loudly after a match. it is not a singing contest.

  3. Man.. seriously. Why does he (Elshorbagy) have to shout all the time.. even when he scores a point out of an opponent mistake. Anyway.. good game Ramy. I'm sure that if he stays healthy, the tournament titles will come eventually.. gl.

  4. I was at the world doubles champs
    In Manchester a few months ago and Declan James was bullying mcskulky,It was that embarrassing an official had to go and have a word with him. He was going on ridiculous and even one if the Aussie team members was heard saying he's a complete idiot. So I thought it was great when the Aussies beat him lol massively


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