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  1. When would PSA recruit Egyptian commentators? or any other nationality than English for that matter. Those 2 were obviously biased from start… why is it always "nick" and the "egyptian"? wasn't impressed about their comments about his mother as well and they started the event by actually saying " i think Nick is gonna dispose of the Egyptian 3-2"!!!…well who got disposed of here half wits? 

  2. I agree there should be more commentators of other nationalities squash is a global sport and should have better representation. Matthew played well but shorobagy is only beginning to tap into potential I see a bright future for him.


    My thoughts on this match: El Shorbagy definitely deserved to win; he kept the high pace up that was necessary to beat Matthew. Although I'm not a huge fan of Matthew, I'm actually a large fan of El Shorbagy, the audience and other players need to give Matthew some credit. This court suits El Shorbagy so well that his game is boosted by that much, just because of the court type. Also the home crowd went crazy when the game went El Shorbagy's way. So how would you feel if you were Matthew on that trying to fight for a title went the El Shorbagy fans went crazy when he won just one point (not that there is anything wrong with that). So even though El Shorbagy without a doubt deserved this title, you (the people watching this video) have to give Matthew some credit, and you have to admit he did very well just to get two games. Me being a Shabana & El Shorbagy fan I loved to see El Shorbagy winning this title especially after getting so close last year. I just wanted to let everyone know that its not easy to play in a final, but especially in a final where almost everyone is against you.


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