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  1. I can actually agree with a yes let here. I think he can hit the ball when he makes his first attempt. He then stops his swing and takes a step back and swings again. He's not allowed to make a feint like that and get a stroke. If he had not made the first attempt (in which he starts his swing and then stops it) then it would have been a clear stroke. The first swing is subtle, but he does lower his hand indicating he is about to hit the ball.

  2. This is close but I actually think the ref got it right. Matthew didn't ask for a let when he could have struck the ball on the volley, but when he shapes on his forehand side. At every point at which he could have hit the ball, Rodriguez is just about clear. By the time Matthews finally looks like he's going to swing, Rodriguez has cleared the front wall and is only preventing a side wall shot,, definitely clear of Matthews' swing.

    You could argue that Matthews return, even if decent boast, would have been a winner. But I think that's a hard call to be certain of with players this fast, with Rodriguez ready to run in that direction.

  3. Orion3T's comments are correct.
    This situation can only be a Stroke under 12.8.4, but I think there is reasonable doubt about whether Matthew could hit Rodriguez with a shot going directly to the front wall. In such cases where uncertainty exists, a Yes-Let is the correct call.
    Matthew's sidewall boast will not be a winner here [the only other situation where a Stroke is possible under 12.8.4], as Rodriguez is in front of Matthew, and must be assumed to be fast enough to chase down any boast other than a dead nick.

    Having said this, a Stroke is not necessarily wrong–it depends on whether the ref thinks Matthew's direct shot to the front wall was prevented or not.

  4. I'm calling wrong on this one.. he didn't have a clear swing when he first shaped to play it, and Rodriguez was blocking the front wall on the second.  A piss poor shot from Rodriguez who was VERY lucky to get away with that

  5. I really don't get the rationale behind the yes let call. At the point that Matthew elected to play the ball, it was directly behind Rodriguez' foot. Half of the front wall was completely blocked. Matthew was fully taking advantage of the space that Rodriguez gave him by making a poor shot (AKA he was fishing) but the result was a legitimate stroke.
    I can only really see a chance for a let if you were to consider his racquet dip an attempt at the ball.
    However, the call definitely encourages continuous play. It just completely closes off Matthew's ability to hit the drive down the forehand wall. 

  6. Probably a stroke but definitely Fishing! – Rodriguez is trying to clear the ball, Matthews feigns as if to play the shot, Rodriguez then moves forward anticipating him hitting it. Matthews then lets the ball run on. – The ref is damned if he gives a stroke and damned if he doesn't.

  7. wow, this one is not easy!
    What about 12.8.2? Prevented reasonable swing.
    I feel Rodriguez was in NM swing. That would mean a Stroke.
    Otherwise, Yes let.

    Or as JB says "that is a very very very very good decision".

  8. Stroke to Matthew! I wouldn't want my opponent playing the ball in that situation. Matthew does have a habit of feigning a shot to show that he has it but then waits too long. If he had've stopped the ball on the first instance then it is a clear cut stroke. He waits, however, makes a further attempt to play the ball and the position of the ball in relation to the back wall makes a boast the most likely shot (these guys are so good though, he probably could've straightened it back up). Yes let would not have been my call but then again i ain't no professional referee.

  9. definitely a stroke to Matthew due to the double movement, the way I look at this is what would I expect the decision to be if I was Rodriguez, I would honestly expect a stroke to be given against me


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