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  1. Excellent match marred by Shorbagy's usual antics, especially in the first game. Really can't stand it. Thankfully things settled down after that. Quality squash by both but Matthew couldn't keep up with the pace in the fifth. Used to root against Matthew because of his similar antics but he's mellowed quite a bit. Has fatherhood changed him? Perhaps lol.

  2. Great match. good to have JB as always on commentary for the finals he's boss!. And it may not have affected the quality of squash or the result but Michael Riley what we're some of those decisions about… he had a howler foe this one not good looked nervous at the business end of the first ahaha

  3. Another correct call at 5:40 could have been Yes Let. ElSho certainly did reach around NM to trap him from clearing further. NM was basically clear, the ball was on the other side of the players.


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