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  1. ramy physicality is a big question mark not only to his fans but also for himself. The way his movement on front court clearly reveals that he his not absolutely alright. Also the pace in movement in court leads to effects him badly on number of occasions. Hard time for him but he is a fighter and everyone knows that. That is the reason why there is a huge fan following because of his unique style, magician racket skills & abilities, acrobatics & athleticism. Hope he will regain his form, class and elegance

  2. Normally I like Farag a lot and have always thought he is a good sportsman but here he is running in with the aim of getting a stroke with absolutely no intention of trying to play the ball, very sad to see. That the umpire doesn't see it either, although its so obvious is a real shame.

  3. i think Ashour may have an injury to his ankle. Looks like he's playing lazy or over-confident, but I think he's going easy due to injury. saw him hop in a weird way a couple times in this game.

  4. It would really help Ramy if he works with one of the former greats (Power, Nicol, Palmer, or even Matthew) on making the age transition and the mental aspects of the change that entails. Currently, he seems not sure how to make that transition. His game obviously cannot go back to 2012-14, so he needs to figure out a Ramy 2.0 for the next 5 yrs.


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