We’ve pulled together 12 of the best Women’s shots from this year for your viewing pleasure! Vote for your favourite for a chance to win some awesome …



  1. #1.Nour El Sherbini . I choose her because it is the amazing shot that I have watched ever. The clip shows that Nicol David have strong feelings to win a point but Sherbini gave her the pressure till the end and she finally make it to win with her powerful mental skills . Beside that, Nour El Sherbini also shows higher confident and spirit level towards Nicol David .Furthermore the crowd gave a big support to Nour El Sherbini 's great shot and this proved that the shot is the best one. Moreover,i can feel the speed between Nour El Sherbini and Nicol David and I like it.Nour El Sherbini also well manage the pressure to win.Last but not least, it is one of longest relay shot in the video and I can clearly see Nour el Sherbini do not gave up with the challenges and struggles that she received from Queen of squash, Nicol David.

  2. #8 Gohar vs. Massaro. Gohar recovers from a scramble deep in the front right and turns play to her advantage with an attacking volley drop into the nick from the back left. A well struck crosscourt deep helps Gohar recover to eventually put Massaro's decent rail into the nick. Not strategically sound by Gohar so had to be perfectly executed, and was. That's what makes a shot of the year!


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