Gamers who quit too often in a Street Fighter V match could be shamed in a new update.

Screen shots in gaming forum Neogaf appear to show that in the new update “penalties will be incurred” for so-called rage quitting.

That’s when you disconnect because you’re angry and you think you’re going to lose the match.

It’s thought the update will name and shame those players with “special icons” displayed next to their avatars.

Although rage quitting is a big problem, this update will be one of the first that allows gamers to see the history of the most prolific quitters.

It’s not yet known when the update will come, or if it’s even going to be part of the next update.

One initial concern is that if a player has a poor internet connection and continually drops out mid-battle, they will be punished.

Players often take to social media to rage about well, rage quitting.

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